Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rustic and Casual Holiday Table

Let's face it, the holidays are busy & sometimes stressful.  We all want a memorable festive gathering with family as the focus.  If you're hosting the big day and stressing about your table, skip the fussy formal stuff & opt for a fun eclectic look.  Read on for further instructions!
Tablecloths aren't really my thing.  Just one more thing to iron, wash, whatever. Skip it & go for a more rustic casual look.  Then, to start your centerpiece think about natural elements like greens or branches from the yard.  Lay them down the center as a base for everything else.
Shop your local grocery store for fresh seasonal produce.  Look for colors that catch your eye like grapes, oranges, persimmons, pomegranates, and even dark greens like kale.  Tuck them into the greens and branches and then place some in small containers like glass or wood bowls.  
 A few pillar candles grouped in the center and a couple vases with jewel tone flowers scattered around and you've got a gorgeous centerpiece.  Accent the colors you've used in the centerpiece with paper or cloth napkins. With all the textures and color going on with the centerpiece, a simple solid colored napkin is a good idea.  You can jazz up the napkin a bit with a simple gold ring or by placing a clementine or small sprig of greens on top.
 I love the addition of pine cones, nuts, bowls of olives and cheese boards.  Great rustic fillers.    
This style of decorating might be new to you so if it is, just let it come together gradually.  Start with the base of greens and just slowly add to it.  You might want more or less than what's shown here and that's ok.  Have fun with it & most of all, enjoy your time with family!  Happy Thanksgiving!
Vendor Credits
original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // florals by Natasha Kolenko // glassware c/oFrances Lane // flatware and accessories c/o March // styling and art direction by erin hiemstra

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Romantic Fall

It's easy to associate certain colors with certain seasons.  You know what I mean, red & green for Christmas and orange & brown for Fall/Thanksgiving.  Because of this, it's so refreshing to see a new take on the traditional.  These rich colors draw us in & make us fall in love with the season all over again!
 It's interesting to me as I dissect this look.  Lots of colors that aren't fallish but the dark plum is what grounds it all.
 Lots of lush fall foliage give these arrangements texture and interest!
Balance is important with this look.  Fall has a certain amount of rustic qualities.  A simple uncovered dark wood table grounds the look and keeps it looking less fancy and more moody.
 Talk about moody!  Love this second shot.  Gorgeous!
 Some of my favorite details are the pomegranates and berries.  Produce, always a great way to bring your seasonal look to life.
 I'm just a little in love with this dessert table.  It's proof that you can have a beautiful display without gobs of styled treats. The kicker here is color.  They totally used the colors of the season in the food!
 Lots of neutral treats popped with dark berries & fruits.  Simply stunning.
photography: Nhiya Kaye Photography // location: Photo Collective Studios Salt Lake City, Utah // florals: Sax Romney // dress: Nearly Newlywed // rentals: Diamond Rental // paper goods: Jess Kasteler Design Studio // hair + makeup: Lyn Shelley Hair and Makeup // cakes: Carrie’s Cakes // catering: Full of Pepper

Friday, October 31, 2014

Modern Mindy's Halloween Mantel: Tips on Creating Your Own

When your home is decorated with lots of black & white you better believe it's fun to decorate for Halloween!  It's taken me awhile but I've finally figured out how to create a more classic mantel decor that doesn't take forever to put together.
 Obviously my black and white non Halloween decor stays up year round.  So, whether it's Easter, Christmas, Valentine's, or Halloween, all I have to do is add in a few festive touches & wah la, done!
 So what classifies as classic Halloween to me?  Nothing over the top & basically items that are classic in form.  That means lots of porcelian or glitter pumkins, a few ceramic ghosts, and a bit of gold.  I also like to incorporate some kind of garland.  I had this Halloween one for a couple years but never used it because it had a generic flat paper mache finish.  I tend to think I have to create a one-of-a-kind garland but really a little gold paint was all I needed.   Lesson:  less is more!
 Oh forgot to add owls to my list of classic decor! I have ceramic, candle holders, and little fury ones.   Can't get enough!  Cute & just a bit spooky.
With all the black and white, I like to add in a touch of natural materials.  Wood objects are always a welcome visual break & a great contrast to all the bold back and white.  A gold candle was the perfect touch.
So when creating your mantel decor, Halloween or otherwise, start off by choosing a color combination you can use throughout.  That could be tan & cream, brown and gold, blue and gold,  or aqua and white.  Whatever works in your house.  Next, think layers.  Use that color combo in different ways like art, mirrors, & vases.  Finally, add seasonal decor until you get the perfect balance.  Using a base color combo will allow you to change up your mantel easily as the seasons change!

Photo & Design:  Modern Mindy